If unknown powers impose life difficulty to our kids, we stay strong and work hard to improve Autistic kids learning abilities. This is our life mission.  .






City of Autism is a global learning centre created exclusively for autistic persons across North America and Europe, with the aim of providing Effective Learning Systems which will assist them with learning as wholesomely as they possibly can and achieving a better quality of mental, physical and behavioral development.

We hope to establish the first centre in California. These centres will be furnished with cutting edge computer software designed to encourage speaking and gradual communication with others, specifically for autistic persons between the ages of 4 to 30 years. Autism Consultants from the best universities in Europe, America, Canada and Japan would also be available at the centres to work with our clients, while we present diverse specialised learning resources to help them develop better.

We plan to individualise the training and care of each child according to their personal idiosyncrasies especially as it pertains to colours, patterns, images and motions of specific interest. These will create a comfortable environment for each child to learn at their very best. Our instructors will also be omitted to working with them consistently for the length of time required to learn each particular component of their modules. They will also learn using music, art and other creative media.

The learning centres will offer both full and part time services, making it a flexible program. Our desire is also to help alleviate the stress and frustrations of families caring for autistic persons by providing a system that takes the pressure of constant care off them. Our heavily subsidized fees will also lessen the financial burden of struggling to care for affected persons all alone. At our centres, Families will have all the physical and psychological support they need to cope with caring for an autistic person.

We also hope to train interested mothers through our “Mam-instructor” course which equips them to effectively home-train their children, or chose to become an instructor within the centre.

We will also provide professional medical evaluation services, as well as medical assistance where necessary. We would also establish a research and development section that will contribute to global research into autism and better ways of managing the condition. We will also do our quota in exploring prevention methods. This is the only way that we can nip the swift rise of the condition in the bud.

We hope that our centers can be a template that countries from other continents can follow in establishing help and learning centers for their autistic citizens. We are concerned that we are able to make a significant global impact in managing persons living with Autism.

City of Autism seeks to provide a safe space where autistic persons can walk into and immediately feel at home, and in better mental shape to learn new things. We raise geniuses.

"We Raise Geniuses”

If unknown powers impose life difficulty to our kids, we stay strong and work hard to improve Autistic kids learning abilities. This is our life mission.  

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