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Autism is a developmental impairment characterized by difficulty with communication and social interaction, as well as rigid and repetitive behavior. It is regarded as part of a broader Autism Spectrum Disorder with varying degrees of similar manifestations. It is usually detected in children in the first 2 – 3 years of life. Their physical development is usually slow, and they have a lot of trouble communicating normally with other people.  What’s even worse, this disorder currently has NO CURE. 

Autism spectrum disorders present many challenges for families around the world, as affected persons require lots of physical and emotional and caring for them can get physically and financially draining for caregivers. No child should be so limited in their ability to learn, integrate and significantly contribute to their world on account of a health condition.

Autism Impairs Effective Learning

“I was so upset I couldn’t take another step! Mum had neglected to arrange my shoes according to their colors… Again!” 

This is typically one of the many thoughts running through an autistic child’s mind while an unsuspecting parent is desperately trying to multitask on a normal school day. For some, certain sounds simply hurt their ears for no reason, often requiring them to “tune-out” such sounds by focusing on certain activities, and are likely to do the same in class. 

Every autistic child inherently lacks the ability to learn and attain full social and interactive capacity and is often stuck on certain activities or things in the unfamiliar way. Sometimes they are not even interested in their environment enough to interact and integrate.


Autism Is On a Swift Rise

Currently, 1 out of every 59 eight-year-olds in the United States is living with an Autism diagnosis, as stated by the Center for Disease Control in April 2018.

This demonstrates a significant rise from the 1 in 68 children published in 2016. This report also stated that about half of these children already identified to have autism had received evaluations by the age of 3. One can only imagine the millions of other children and adults suffering quietly in other countries of the world.


Our Story

Having fathered an autistic child myself, I understand first-hand, the pain and frustration of discovering that your child has serious social disabilities. I was spurred to embark on extensive research on how best to get him to learn new things. 

I came across the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) which explains how learning takes place. These principles equipped me to help my son understand words like “love” and “understand” by teaching them in practice. 

As a software design professional with about 20 years of experience, in 2008, I decided to begin to design sophisticated computer software that could be used to help autistic children learn.



The traditional education system is clearly inadequate in the training and development of an autistic child. They undoubtedly require special learning resources, and early on in life too. 

City of Autism is a global learning center created exclusively for autistic persons across North America and Europe, with the aim of providing Effective Learning Systems which will assist them with learning as wholesomely as they possibly can and achieving a better quality of mental, physical and behavioral development.

We hope to establish the first center in California. 

These centers will be furnished with cutting-edge computer software designed to encourage speaking and gradual communication with others, specifically for autistic persons between the ages of 4 to 30 years. Autism Consultants from the best universities in Europe, America, Canada, and Japan would also be available at the centers to work with our clients, while we present diverse specialized learning resources to help them develop better.

Autism challenges for :

Autistic Persons


Here are some difficulties that Autistic persons may experience:

  • They are often lost in their own obsessive world, missing out on how a normal life should be enjoyed, and require support as early as it can be provided. 
  • They are unable to read and understand messages that indicate they are at risk and in dangerous situations.
  • It is usually difficult for their families and caregivers to single-handedly provide all the necessary learning resources and support that they continue to require especially after school.
  • Most countries do not have a customized training structure and financial plan to support Autistic persons, leaving a huge burden on the shoulders of their caregivers.
  • And more...

Families and Caregivers


Here are some difficulties that families and caregivers may experience.


  • Extreme emotional stress and pressure leading to strained relationships and sometimes, divorce. This may force the child into the care of a third party.
  • Financial pressure from frequent hospital assessments and constantly providing specialized care, with looming threat of bankruptcy.
  • Loss of a normal life due to emotional pressure such as constant fatigue from time and energy demand of child care, and social reactions such as concerns from child’s school, complaints about the child’s strange behavior,
  • Constant concerns about child’s safety at home, in the car or anywhere else, for the short spans of time that their attention has to be elsewhere.
  • Many others.



  • Some governments provide considerable financial assistance for families with Autistic kids, but a huge concern still exists as to how they would cope when they grow up and have to be on their own without being a safety threat to themselves or their community.


We Need YOU!

Yes, we do. We’d love you to partner with us in bringing this project to life. Whether you’d like to provide learning resources, professional expertise or funding for this project, we would be thrilled to have you on board.

If you’ve always considered being a part of something that gives a child a shot at a better quality of life, this is your unique opportunity.  Kindly support our project.

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Our future learning centers for Autistic persons look like the above photo. We will consider sound, color, and other factors that affect their attention to prepare them for learning.

Here’s a peek into the modules that make up our Effective learning structure;


1- Learning & communication assessment tests,

2- Preparation of comprehensive learning package,  

3- Adaptation in Alpha & Exercise areas,

4-Moving  Computer labs, simulation and practical rooms,

5- Field trips & outdoor activates, 

6- Utilization of “Bypass Method “,

7- Self- protection training,

8- Communication skills practices,

9- Starting compacted Elementary -High School program,

10- Careers program,

11- Legal protection center,

12- Financial, insurance, and technology,

14- Research & Development.

You need for more information or you want to make inquiries? Kindly contact us now.

"City of Autism" Int. Advanced learning & Supporting CENTER

We believe there is always hope


Our future learning centers for Autistic persons look like the above photo, We will consider sound, color, and other factors that affect their attention to prepare them for learning.

We do not leave you alone


Autistic kids are not able to communicate with others effectively 

Always, there is a way


We do research and work hard to improve our Autistic persons and children ' learning capability to have a better life, and stand on their own feet.


This is a worldwide message to benefactors who wish to assist disabled kids around the world.

 Every moment, parents anticipate the arrival of a new baby with joy, but no one knows exactly all that lies beyond that 9-month journey till the child arrives. Some babies such as those with Autism will face life with lots of challenges.

Every affected family receives the discovery of a child with autism, with great shock and despair. No one can categorically tell why these things happen. And in caring for these kids, most families are going to experience extreme emotional and financial pressure, causing some to crumble and run away when they are unable to handle the pressure. 

Not all families are resilient enough to handle a disabled child. While Autistic children's symptoms become more pronounced day  by day. I understand their pain, and I have decided to share my efforts and work of nine years on Autistic learning style with their families.

Most families will experience deep emotional moments.They may also experience extreme financial pressure in many countries. Some parents may leave the family when they are unable to handle pressure. Not all families are resilient enough to handle a disable child.

Day by day Autistic kids may grow and get stronger, but parents may not be so resilient. This situation may continue until no one is available to take care of them.

To grant more life chance to Autistic persons and remove considerable pressure from Autistic families’ shoulders, I, as a father of an Autistic son, have decided to share my 9 years, efforts, and work on Autistic learning style with other families. 


We designed a modern learning center with following sections:

1- Learning and communications level assessment,

2- Special Learning package ,

3-Unique and most advanced Software and computer application along with practical learning methods,

4- Outdoor activities, to apply their learning with real world, 

5- Self- protection training,

6- Communication,

7- Legal protection center,

8- Financial, insurance and technology,

9- Research & Development.   

If you feel you want to do something great in your life, please help our Autistic army by supporting our project.

Yours respectfully 


Founder "City of Autism International  Advanced learning Centers" 



 We will ensure you are able to make the best of this beautiful life.

You are not alone. We will walk with you every step of the way.

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