Here is our simulated learning center

Let’s take a tour of our facility.


At City of Autism International Advanced learning & Supporting Centers, we raise geniuses.

City Of Autism Advanced learning Center is a private facility with a 30-member team of professionals, including Internet Technology experts and certified consultants. Our consulting teams are from USA, Canada, England, Australia, France, Germany, Japan, China and India. 

Our eLearning Labs are equipped with advanced software, designed to project clear and effective learning methods. This system uses a variety of methodologies, including our “Bypass” method, which encourages understanding. We mentor each client on his or her way to learning and teach them how to apply the knowledge this knowledge in real life situations.

Let’s take a tour of our facility. 

In the reception area, we begin an extensive evaluation to determine each individual’s learning pace. We then prepare a learning plan to match each client’s specific needs and capabilities. 

During reception, we will also set up our online client communication system which seamlessly connects parents, clients and the intelligent learning center and keeps everyone on the same page. 

Our next stop is the Information session meeting room.  Here, our certified consultants offer free weekly meetings about autism and the most common learning disabilities. We also describe how our learning strategies work including the “Bypass” method.  Parents are advised on the journey ahead and how best they can support their child’s progress. 

The Alpha room is our adoption area. This is where clients become accustomed to our environment. Basic learning methods are employed and our certified staff will start to make meaningful connections, open lines of communication, and build trust.  Light, sound and color are all carefully controlled in Alpha Room under the supervision of our Physics Phd and certified audiologists. Clients will experience pleasant and positive changes in every session. 

Physical exercise is an essential part of our learning system. In our Dance & exercise room, clients enjoy daily sessions with our well-trained staff. Basic communication skills are enhanced through exercise and dance. 

Our uniquely designed computer, simulation and communication lab  are  a light, sound, temperature and color-controlled environment which features many learning applications. Our main application contains approximately 120 learning modules and more than 50,000 learning units, including nouns, verbs, locations, numbers, calendars, and more, designed for persons with Autism aged 4 through 30. While learning in the computer lab, clients are encouraged to communicate with their peers, consultants and technicians. 

 At City of Autism Learning Center, our compacted elementary-through-high schools program caters to each clients’ knowledge level in math, Science, art, and a variety of other important subjects, in order to keep clients on the same grade-level as other students. 

Clients apply what they learn at “City of Autism Learning Centers to the real world. Each week, clients embark on field trips, protected by our licensed security officers.


In our Practical & computerized Career workshops, the need to be independent is nurtured. We encourage clients to take one of our Career workshop programs like drawing, painting, computer applications like Photoshop and other Adobe products. Clients also will learn how earn wages, deposit a paycheck in the bank and how to spend their money.  Our Job Help Desk refers graduates to local job openings. 

Accountants and financial planners in our Financial & insurance department develop a financial plan to assist our clients when no parents are available to take care of them. We take every opportunity to teach survival skills so our clients are able to thrive in the real world.  

The Research & development department helps us upgrade our learning package, keeping it dynamic. Upgrades are routinely made to our entire system. 

Security cameras are strategically placed in all rooms and are connected to the security room where officers monitor all activities to make sure we have a safe environment.    

Thank you very much for joining us to bring hope to children with autism around the world to help them maximize their potential and learn to be independent. Your support will truly change the lives of these children and their families.



About our E-Learning System

Our E-learning lab has advanced software to construct a defined and effective learning style. This specialized application includes an estimated 120 learning modules, with over 20,000 learning units included nouns, verbs, locations, numbers, calendar, and so forth, for autistic persons between the ages of 4 and 30 years. For every age, we have a relevant level in each module. 

Our intelligent system also monitors and measures a participant’s progress. The system employs many strategies to encourage ease of comprehension. Our system motivates students to learn as much as they can, then tests their knowledge to evaluate their learning level and progress. We navigate their learning path and teach them how to apply their learned materials to real life.

Our students will pay a token as tuition and will choose between running a part-time program, if they are already enrolled in a regular school system, or a full-time program for persons who have very little self-care abilities and would prefer a dedicated level of training. They would attend from their homes as there will be no living quarters for them.

Our students would also be fed at least once a day with meals that enhance their learning abilities such as fruits and vegetables. Their overall care will be our highest propriety.


City of Autism International Advanced Learning and Supporting Centers

Plans for our Advanced Learning Centers will include a welcoming reception desk; a retail store with helpful products for autistic children and their families; a client waiting area with books, coffee and water; a discussion room for parents; conference and meeting rooms; an assessment area; an adaptation area; a room for research and development; a musical exercise room; a computer training lab; classrooms for both autistic children as well as separate classrooms for parents; a practical and simulation learning area; a dining room; a career center; office space and more. 

Our learning package includes:

1- Assessment (Our certified consultants will determine clients’ learning ability and collect more information including behavioral patterns )

2- Planning (This will cover areas like food recommendations, setting educational and learning goals, monthly scheduling, etc. )

3- Time Planning (We will determine how many days, weeks or months a child should be in the Alpha area. The alpha area is also called the adoption area, where we get them to participate in a variety of exercises to make them compatible with our learning rules, culture, color codes, etc.)

4- Exercises: (Dancing and Fun area ) Exercises will make their bodies more active, encouraging them to follow our instructors and preparing them to establish a two-way communication channel. 

5- Computer lab: When clients are ready to sit, focus, and learn, our computer applications will be available to them, comprising of over 20,000 learning units and we’ll consider 120 modules. Each module is different and covers things like general names, locations, dates, days, animals, numbers, etc.

6. Compacted School- High School program (This will include teaching them school subjects like math, science, arts, music, dance, and others and each course has at least 4 levels.)

7.  Job& Career program (This will prepare to choose a career that best suits them, and to function maximally and adapt appropriately to their desired jobs.) 

8. Financial planning 

Other areas of our training include Self- protection training, Legal Protection Center, Insurance, and Technology, as well as Research & Development. 

The amount of time spent on each course will be determined by how fast a person can master a particular module.

Here is a basic layout of a standard City of Autism Learning Center


Our Team


Our team will have the most updated academic degrees and certifications along with at least 10 years of work experience related to autism. The center will employ: 



1. Team Lead,

2. Project manager,

3. Office manager,

4. Systems analysts,

5. Software designers in ERP model,

6. Software developers,

7. Computer hardware engineers,

8. Computer network engineers,

9. Web application developers,

10.Phd degree in Computer Artificial Intelligence,

11.PhD degree in Physics specialized in lights,

12.Graphic designers,

13.Certified computer network engineer, 

14.Certified behavioral consultants,

15.Certified occupational therapists,

16.Certified Speech-language therapists,

17.Certified behavior interventionists,

18. Ph.D. psychologists specialized in autism,

19.Registered Neurologists,

20.Registered nurses, 



23. Ophthalmologists,

24.Elementary & high School teachers in 10 subjects,

25.Interior designers,

26.Exteriors designer

27.Game designers and developers,


29.Electrical engineers,

30.Electronics engineers,

31.Food and diet consultants,

32.Master degree in Management , Change Model,

33. Autism researchers,

30- Chartered Professional Accountants,

31- Charter Professional Financial Planners,

32-Safety officers,

33-Certified foods inspector,


35-Security officers, preferred retired Police Officers, 

36- Certified insurance professional,

37- Animators, 

38-Social Medias Manager,

39- Fundraiser consultants,


At City of Autism, we are indeed equipping geniuses for a meaningful life.

Our Project

Autism is a learning and communications challenge, and it needs lots of continuous and uninterrupted effort, time and financial resources. Not all families are able to afford Autism's learning costs. 

We consider following sections in our E. and practical learning project:   

1- Assessment  

2- Preparation,  

3- Intelligent E. Learning,  

4- Outdoor activities,  

5- Self-protection training,  

6- Communications,  

7- Careers navigation,  

8- Legal protection Center, 

9- Financial & Technology, 

10- Research & Development. 

Introduction on our E. Learning section:   

Our computerized learning software includes 120 modules with over 50,000 verbs, nouns, videos, animations, and sounds for ages  2 until 30 years old.  

For each age, we have a relevant level in each module, and our intelligent system monitors and measures Autistic person’s progress. There are many strategies to encourage their learning ability. Our system motivates trainees to learn more as much as they can, then tests their knowledge to evaluate their learning level and progress. We navigate their learning path and teach them how to apply their learned materials to real life. Our computer lab is a small part of our learning center. We have designed daily monitoring system, and parents will participate. 

However, we need family supports and feedback to make sure our efforts and family are on same page.  



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